Eat Simply Now

Budget recipes for people seeking simple gluten and/or lactose free food or products.
BONUS most recipes are soy, egg, nut and, garlic free too.

Hello and welcome. I started a site just like this many years ago ( same name) that had 100's of recipes, information, reader recipes, and stories. Things happened along the way. I lost that website in the midst of change and with it all the recipes that were on the site. There's nothing much to see here yet. Fancy some chicken and veg soup?

I love to cook and still have a passion for making gluten and dairy-free food so here I am back again to start all over. I'm using google sites for now until I can find another suitable and economical platform to host with. I just wanted to get started. The one thing I don't like about recipe sites is the waffle before one gets to the recipe. My photos won't be perfect but the recipes will be wonderful and simple and I'll try not to waffle.

PS. I am in Australia. I will endeavour to use both local and international measurements and alternatives where I can.

Nothing more to see here yet.